Elisa Heinesen is a Faroese designer based in London. The ethos of the brand is to be free of the traditional fashion season, pieces that are created are therefore instantly available. The aesthetic is one of functionality with a dreamlike freedom, everyday pieces with all the trappings of creative design.


There is an emphasis on creative sustainability, unsold pieces are up-cycled where ever possible and materials are reused. A recent addition to this practice has been the "Second Chance Handbags" which are created using leather from discarded furniture. This gives the material a second life and thereby reduces waste at the same time. 

Elisa Heinesen is a third generation creative and spent her formative years in the Faroe Islands, where her father is an international fine artist and her grandfather was an award winning author and composer. Her early environment nurtured an artistic environment where the parameters of art are natural and all encompassing.